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Since jumping back in September 9, 2014

I have had the privilege of jumping back into the teaching world again. I am teaching 4th and 5th grade reading this year and it has been 12 years since I have been in an established classroom. People have been asking me how it is going. I answer,”It is just busy enough that I don’t go to bed stressed, but there is just enough time to get everything done in the day.” It’s a good tired. 

I have been thankful for so many things over the past five weeks:

1)Watching students soak in the 30 minutes of silent reading time that we have on Wednesdays. They have great stamina to read extended periods and I can tell the teachers in the grades below have done a great job building that reading stamina.

2) Listening to students catch their breath as they realize a new detail about our read aloud book. They gasp when they put information together- they inhale when they hear a new thought- they hurry to write what they have figured out. 

3) Celebrating their successes with them- getting to watch a child light up as he tells you about finishing his book or making a 100 on his reading comprehension test. 

4) hearing feedback about how much they love the read aloud we are doing- boys that you would think would be too cool for class are plugged into the story and eager to hear the next chapter. They are identifying with characters, feeling sympathy in situations where they should, and applying it in the classroom. My 5th grade is reading The Tiger Rising and the 4th grade is reading Because of Winn Dixie. What a huge Kate DiCamillo fan I have become!

5) watching them take care of one another- Today I had the privilege of watching students come alongside an emotionally hurting child. They noticed his pain, asked me individually what was wrong, took the initiative to care for him, didn’t leave him in his sadness. My heart was so full.

There is nothing like walking through a year of learning with students in an English class. I feel blessed beyond measure.


sweet steadfastness- a life celebrated April 23, 2014

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Yesterday I attended the funeral of my dear friend’s mother. Her mother, Anna Beth, was the quintessential wife, mother and pastor’s wife and I had the pleasure of benefitting from seeing her do all of those roles so well. The pastor who spoke abut her yesterday did such a good job capturing her spirit. She was sweet. And as he said, even the test of marriage, parenting and eventually Alzheimer’s could not take away that sweetness that was the core of who she was.

It was a reminder to me of the beauty and power of daily obedience. Not name up in lights, flashy serving of the Lord. But in the trenches of service in her home and in her church. An open door to outsiders, a place of rest for her family and her friends, an investment in the children of the church. Steadfastness comes to mind and it was so beautiful to celebrate that about her.

One of the most powerful images came from a surprising place. As I mentioned, Anna Beth was a pastor’s wife- a PCA pastor’s wife. At the beginning of the service, a long line of men entered and filled four long rows at the front right of the church. Then the family filled four rows on the left side of the church. These men are all PCA pastors who had come to support Mr. Smith. They must have come from many places and from far away for some of them. The line was so long and such a powerful symbol of support during this grief. In our denomination, the pastor does not join the local church that he is serving. He is a member of the Presbytery. In essence, these men are his church, his elders. So we were witnessing his elders care for him not only as coworkers in the ministry, but as friends as well. It was so touching.

I can see so much of Mrs Smith in my friend Lisbeth. What an investment Mrs Smith made in her 4 children who have grown up to love the Lord, have precious families, and serve the church in so many ways. What a return on her steadfastness. What she did was so very important. And that is good for this momma of 4 to be challenged by.



age of opportunity April 14, 2014

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Just starting Paul David Tripp’s Age of Opportunity, a Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens.  I have had this book on my shelf for years- it comes highly recommended by so many in my life. And I am so glad that there is a little room in my life right now to read it.


Parenting teenagers gets the same response in conversations that marriage can get sometimes. Roll of the eyes, comments on how difficult it is, a you-just-wait piece of advice that leaves the hearer full of dread. The connotation is that the experience is going to be so bad that you will be lucky to survive it and the joy you feel right now in parenting your infant (or being engaged in the marriage analogy) will quickly fade once you hit the hard road of jr high!

I am only in the first two chapters and I am already impressed with Tripp’s ability to point out why that cynicism rears its ugly head.

Our own idols.

“These years are hard for us because they expose the wrong thoughts and desires in our own hearts.” (17)


He asks us what part of creation have we exchanged for the Creator. What really rules our heart and blocks our vision in relationship to our children? Those idols will be a stumbling block in our relationship with them. (and truly a stumbling block in ALL of our relationships). He uses the illustration of a hand in front of your face. As the fingers block your view of what is in front of you, so do our idols as we look at our teens (or anyone else).

Our idol of respect. Our idol of appreciation. Our idol of comfort. Our idol of Success. Our idol of control.

When these idols become what we live for, “we will unwittingly look with hyper-vigilant eyes for” them in every situation. (33)

Looking for areas where they were not respectful, areas where they made our lives difficult or failed to appreciate all of our efforts. And we become angry.

Angry that they have taken away something very valuable to us.

“Parenting is not to conform my children to my image, but to work so that they are conformed to the image of Christ! My goal is not to clone my tastes, my opinions, and my habits in my children.I am not looking for my image in them; I long to see Christ’s.” (38)

I already love this book and know it will be a blessing to me as we welcome the teenage years; as it encourages me to see those years as an opportunity to help our children grow in their faith. That is exciting! I am thankful for those people in our life who speak of their teenage children as blessings too. We need to hear the joy of the experience too.




The Unexpected Power of Encouragement- Women’s Retreat! April 8, 2014

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“I’m worn out!” “I am not sure how much more I can handle” “I am lonely.” “I need more girlfriend time- the way my life is going I could use the encouragement” “I just can’t see how this circumstance will work out” “I am feeling hopeless” “There is just so much on me.”

These kinds of phrases swirl through conversations and prayer requests all the time. We are a worn out group in search of real connection and real encouragement.

If I could encourage you to do something for your own walk with the Lord this year and for your relationships in this community, I would encourage you to attend the Women’s conference that we are hosting on Friday and Saturday, May 2nd and 3rd. Pam Caldwell, a bible teacher and women’s retreat speaker from Birmingham , AL is coming to our church to challenge us in the area of Biblical Encouragement.

She has been studying this topic all year long with her own biblestudy that she leads at Faith Presbyterian Church and she has seen how crucial biblical encouragement is to a believer- how important community is to a believer.


She is going to focus on Ephesians 4:29 “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”

We will spend time considering what unwholesome talk is and what the root of it is. We will see what is unique about a community of believers who speak hope into one another’s lives. We will study God’s word together and grow in our love for Him and what He has done for us.

The schedule will be :

Friday, May 2nd  Registration from 6-6:30pm. Session #1 6:30-7:30pm and a dessert/ coffee bar to follow.

Saturday, May 3rd   Session #2 9-10:00 am   Session #3 10:15-11:15 am We will have a salad luncheon following and snacks available all day. It’s free- no cost to you!

My prayer is that God would use this conference to show us how great His love for us is, how sufficient His word is and how beautiful are the relationships that He has granted us.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or call our church office at 662 8871975.

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Come like a child April 7, 2014

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During Sunday school yesterday, our youth group studied what sin is. They wrote down what the Bible says to say, to think, to do and to not do. We read Ephesians 5 and the 10 commandments and the fruits of the spirit. In just those few passages, we see how impossible it is to do what the Bible says to do.  “Be imitators of Jesus”says one verse and another for this section says,”Be perfect therefore as your heavenly father is perfect” Mt 5:48.

As the youth studied what God said, they were so tender to learn- they asked questions…good questions.They evaluated their own failures in these areas and they recognized that they struggled with ongoing sin such as pride, anger, jealousy, revenge. I realized as we were discussing sin why the Lord says

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Did you see that?

Unless you CHANGE and become LIKE LITTLE CHILDREN- you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Why like little children? Because they spend their whole day learning, being instructed, being shaped by their teachers and parents- submitting themselves to others as they grow in knowledge. They see themselves as learners who need to be taught. They are under authority- They say “yes ma’am” when you ask them to do something. They trust and they come running to you when they need help. They seek you out when they are fearful.

IMG_4206  DSC_0957

And it stands in such contrast to adults- we are independent, self sufficient, take us like we are because I’m not changing! I already know what I need to know, Who are you to tell me something about my life? my actions? my thoughts? what I do or what I don’t do? I’m not changing, so you better learn to deal with it.

But God’s word does tell us what to do- what to say-what to think- what to not do. It says we need to submit to one another and welcome each other into our business. It’s called accountability and it’s vulnerable-recognizing that we need help. God calls us to be soft hearted- teachable- vulnerable- honest- and part of a body of believers (the church). You just can’t deny that the Bible teaches this if you read the scriptures.

I marvel at how humble our children can be- how much instruction they take, how they allow teaching into their lives and apply it to their situations. Oh that all of us as adults would become like children in this regard. Are there areas in your life that you won’t let God’s word speak to? Are there areas you claim adulthood in and refuse to submit to the Lord? Ask the Holy Spirit to soften you and to give you eyes to see that area as He sees that area.


Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Mt 19:4





unraveling March 25, 2014

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I am amazed at how much work it takes to keep things clean-

right now I am sweeping my floors…again. I have to. I have to sweep it daily- most the time, I have to sweep it multiple times in a day. after every meal that I cook, after the kids play outside, after the kids go to school and there is a fighting chance for order and cleanliness!

But it’s not just sweeping. It’s also washing and vacuuming and dusting and remaking beds and scrubbing tubs and toilets and countertops. They just keep getting dirty! And that is only the inside of the house- we haven’t even begun the outside work of the lawn and the weeds and the pruning.

It is not by accident that we have this perpetual pattern of cleanliness and order and then an unraveling of that beauty.

Our physical lives teach us spiritual truths- In this life, the fall is at work and we have to push back the unraveling. I am reminded while I sweep that I have to work to make things clear in conversations, we have to work to keep our bodies healthy, we have to work to be disciplined to read God’s word and spend time in prayer. Those are efforts. And are necessary to prosper emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Why are we surprised in any of these areas if there is unraveling and we have to work to put them back in order?

These things won’t come easily- they are marred by the effects of the fall. Family life isn’t easy. Raising kids isn’t easy. Church isn’t easy. Learning isn’t easy. Exercise isn’t easy. Growth isn’t easy. There is a push going on. A push to undo the order, a push to complicate the easy, a push to unravel the beautiful.

But the effort is worth it. Just like I love my house when it is clean, we will love our relationships when we do the hard work of refining our communication. Just like I benefit physically from great exercise, my relationship with the Lord will flourish if I put the time into the means of grace that He has given us: His word, prayer, fellowship with believers, church, the Lord’s Supper, and praise.

There’s a popular children’s book that is called Going on A Bear Hunt. In that book as the characters meet a variety of difficult conditions (mud, snow, wind) there is a refrain that says You can’t go over it, you can’t go under it, you’ve got to go through it. And the characters slosh through the mud or they power through the wind. All to get to the bear that they are searching for on their bear hunt.

That’s how growth in these areas is- you can’t go over it, you can’t go under it, you can’t skip around it, you can’t ignore it. You’ve got to go through it. Stumble, trip, stumble, trip.Stumble, trip.




All must be well February 25, 2014

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What promises, what confidence we have.

Through the Love of God our Savior, All will  be well.

Free and changeless is his favor, All is well.

Precious is the blood that healed us.

Perfect is the grace that sealed us.

Strong the hand stretched forth to shield us, All must we well.

Though we pass through tribulation, All will be well.

Ours is such a full salvation, All is well.

Happy, still in God confiding.

Fruitful, if in Christ abiding.

Steadfast through the spirit’s guiding. All must be well.

We expect a bright tomorrow. All will be well.

Faith  can sing through days of sorrow. All is well.

On our Father’s love relying.

Jesus every need supplying.

Yes, in living or in dying.

All must be well.