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5,3,1 August 31, 2007

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Today was one of those days when I felt the strain of having a 5 year old, a 3 year old, and a 3 month old.  You know the kind of day..the three year old needs to be put down to nap while the baby is crying loudly in his bouncy seat and the five year old wants help starting her computer winnie the pooh game.  You spend an hour revolving among those three situations, trying to have patience and knowing that if you get frustrated, it will all fall apart very quickly.  The phone in our room where the three year old is sleeping interrupts the nap and wakes up a very grumpy little girl.   After a little fruit snack and a lot of cuddles, she perks up.  I think the most difficult part of the day has passed, when my husband calls out from our room,”Susan, have you seen this?” That can’t be good.   The three year old has written on my “good” sheets and my pillowcases in black pen!  ARGGG… So if you are reading this and know how to take out black pen from sheets and can pass along the tip, I would appreciate it.  And send up a prayer for a mom who is as impatient as her children are stinkers!


dead people don’t talk… August 28, 2007

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well, we passed by the cemetery again yesterday and more discussion was had by all!  As my two girls were talking, the oldest (olivia) reminded the youngest (emma)what the cemetery was for and who was in it.  As a result of olivia’s rather long reminder, Emma got confused and thought her sister was saying emma was already dead.  Emma delcard,”No I’m not….can’t you hear me? dead people don’t talk.”  I laughed as I heard her try to prove that she was alive.

The image came back to me this morning during my biblestudy.  We are looking at Galatians where Paul is showing the churches of Galatia that God set him apart before his birth, God called him by grace, and God revealed His Son to him.  God called Paul, not Paul calling God.  Our teacher said,”Dead people can’t talk,” reminding us that we are dead in our sins, so we would be unable to call for God in our salvation first.  I am thankful that as our children learn about God and who He is that they have so many things that they already understand that are building blocks to God’s truth.  God deserves the glory because dead people can’t talk.


thanks for visiting August 27, 2007

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We have been blessed to have visitors the past couple of weeks- and all were from our days in St Louis.  The Entrekins are heading to Fort Campbell and stopped by on their way to buy a home.  Our girls played all weekend with theirs and it was like living on campus again!  Their family was successful in finding a place, so we are thankful that they will be near.  That same day we had a great visit from Miss Laura, another staple in our seminary experience.  She offered lots of help and lots of laughs.  And to wrap up our visits, the Dunhams stayed overnight after Christine and Tom’s wedding.  Again, it felt like campus days (except with more room to spread out) 🙂   One more reason we love where we are- getting to be a our friends’ stopover to somewhere else.  Thanks for visiting!


baptism August 23, 2007

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Our baby was baptized this past weekend.  What an encouraging time in a family’s life.  I usually cry at the baptism of anyone’s child (If you know me, you are not all that surprised 🙂 But what a beautiful picture- to have a church and a pastor asking parents to raise this child in a way in which he or she will know God and His word, to have parents who are acknowledging in front of witnesses that they will do this, and to have a congregation agree to do all that they can to help.  What confidence it gives me as a parent that I will have help on this long journey.  To all of you who so faithfully help us to raise our children- thank you!


questions from a 5 year old August 17, 2007

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The other day my husband had all of the kids in the van trying to run a few errands.  Our 3 month old needed a diaper change, so Eric pulled over in a spot where he could stop.  It happened to be the driveway of a cemetery.  Our 5 year old looked through the fence and asked Eric,”Dad, why does God have so many commandments?” At first, Eric was wondering where this thought came from, and then he saw what she was looking at- the headstones in the cemetery.  She was thinking of Moses and the Ten Commandments and thought that the rows and rows of headstones were more commandments from God.  Eric quickly explained what headstones were and answered her that we have 10 commandments and they can be summed up with Matthew 22:37-39: You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.  This is the great and first commandment. And the second is like it. You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

We have laughed about this so much, and yet somehow she has reminded both of us to remember about God’s law.  My biblestudy teacher shared this quote with us,”The law sends us to the gospel for justification.  Justification sends us back to the law to frame our way of life”  Hopefully our 5 year old, and we, will understand why God gave us the laws that He did.


fellowship of believers August 14, 2007

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Today I am reminded that it is such a gift to have the fellowship of believers as we walk through life.  Today was one of those days when I shared a need with my biblestudy small group and asked for prayer for what seemed like an unsolvable situation, as well as for my own heart to be tender (which it wasn’t).   They prayed and I knew that God was answering their prayers even then as I could feel a new peace that was not there before.  When I got home, I had an awesome email from my husband, both encouraging me and praying for me on this day.  To top it all off, I received two emails from friends in St Louis who were asking for prayer requests from me.  I needed those friends and my husband to be praying and for God’s Spirit to be working to soften me and to provide peace.  I am so thankful to be a witness that it works, that God works on us.  And He doesn’t leave us alone as He does that.   Where would I be without Him?


the many uses of prayer August 7, 2007

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The other day, our whole family was sitting down at the table for a late dinner after Sunday night church.  My children love to eat breakfast for dinner on those kind of nights, so eggs and bacon were on their plates.  My middle child, who had requested the food in the first place, decided she didn’t want that kind of food now.  We reminded her that if she wanted to eat something, this is what we were having.  She put her head down and when we asked her to stop pouting, she said she was praying.  Our hearts were so thankful, happy to see her changing her attitude and then she said,” I am praying that God changes your heart.  I want your heart to look like MY heart about this.” We obviously needed some lessons about what the uses of prayer are- For our hearts to look like God’s hearts, not each others! 

As soon as I had laughed about this with my husband, the lesson came flying in my face when I experienced something that I really wondered,”Why would God put this in our life? I want it to different. How can I change it and make it the way I want it to be?” As I worked so hard that day to make my circumstances change and look the way I wanted them to, I heard myself telling family or friends about Emma’s funny little story and the similarity of it all came at me all at once- I need to know the uses of prayer- I need it to make my heart more like His, not His more like mine. Thank God for Emma.