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the many uses of prayer August 7, 2007

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The other day, our whole family was sitting down at the table for a late dinner after Sunday night church.  My children love to eat breakfast for dinner on those kind of nights, so eggs and bacon were on their plates.  My middle child, who had requested the food in the first place, decided she didn’t want that kind of food now.  We reminded her that if she wanted to eat something, this is what we were having.  She put her head down and when we asked her to stop pouting, she said she was praying.  Our hearts were so thankful, happy to see her changing her attitude and then she said,” I am praying that God changes your heart.  I want your heart to look like MY heart about this.” We obviously needed some lessons about what the uses of prayer are- For our hearts to look like God’s hearts, not each others! 

As soon as I had laughed about this with my husband, the lesson came flying in my face when I experienced something that I really wondered,”Why would God put this in our life? I want it to different. How can I change it and make it the way I want it to be?” As I worked so hard that day to make my circumstances change and look the way I wanted them to, I heard myself telling family or friends about Emma’s funny little story and the similarity of it all came at me all at once- I need to know the uses of prayer- I need it to make my heart more like His, not His more like mine. Thank God for Emma.


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