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baptism August 23, 2007

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Our baby was baptized this past weekend.  What an encouraging time in a family’s life.  I usually cry at the baptism of anyone’s child (If you know me, you are not all that surprised 🙂 But what a beautiful picture- to have a church and a pastor asking parents to raise this child in a way in which he or she will know God and His word, to have parents who are acknowledging in front of witnesses that they will do this, and to have a congregation agree to do all that they can to help.  What confidence it gives me as a parent that I will have help on this long journey.  To all of you who so faithfully help us to raise our children- thank you!


One Response to “baptism”

  1. Megan Says:

    I wish we could have stayed much longer! Thanks for letting us crash with you. I enjoyed the time very much.

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