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dead people don’t talk… August 28, 2007

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well, we passed by the cemetery again yesterday and more discussion was had by all!  As my two girls were talking, the oldest (olivia) reminded the youngest (emma)what the cemetery was for and who was in it.  As a result of olivia’s rather long reminder, Emma got confused and thought her sister was saying emma was already dead.  Emma delcard,”No I’m not….can’t you hear me? dead people don’t talk.”  I laughed as I heard her try to prove that she was alive.

The image came back to me this morning during my biblestudy.  We are looking at Galatians where Paul is showing the churches of Galatia that God set him apart before his birth, God called him by grace, and God revealed His Son to him.  God called Paul, not Paul calling God.  Our teacher said,”Dead people can’t talk,” reminding us that we are dead in our sins, so we would be unable to call for God in our salvation first.  I am thankful that as our children learn about God and who He is that they have so many things that they already understand that are building blocks to God’s truth.  God deserves the glory because dead people can’t talk.


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