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fun run September 30, 2007

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fun run

Here is Livy running with Eric in the mile fun run (thanks Julie for the photo) It was a great day and one that I hope we get to do again next year. A mile is a long way for little legs and Livy and Emma did great.  I wish I had a picture of Emma too- Emma made a friend with one of the teenage volunteers and ran the whole thing with her. At the end, both girls got a blue ribbon, a tshirt and a free gatorade- as well as a fun trip to McDonald’s.  Is that a conflicting message for our kids or what? 🙂 Well, it was fun!


digital camera survey September 27, 2007

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my old digital camera broke- Costco (the best place to buy anything because of their amazing return policy) took it back and gave us a gift card for the full amount.  Now, I need a new one and I am stumped about what to get.  I have never felt that my digitals (I’ve had two so far) have taken better pictures than my good old Olympus film camera. I want my pictures to be really clear.  If you have a digital camera, do you like it? Share what you know! I am eager to get one, but am trying to be patient and make a good decision!


a legacy… September 23, 2007

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a legacy…

These are my grandparents.  They are the head of a large clan- the Graingers.  When we get together, it is fun and loud and incredibly encouraging. As my family likes to say,”The Graingers have no going home sense.” We stay until we just can’t stay any more.  Extended family can be such an incredible blessing.  I knew how we would spend holidays and birthdays and Sundays and I looked forward to it (I still do).  It provided stability, consistency, and encouragement- a sense of belonging- in what can be very challenging pre-teen and teenage years.  I think our society has undervalued extended family and in the process has lost a great blessing by not fostering those relationships.  I pray that my children will feel as connected to our family as I did to mine.  Thanks babe and popo for the example! For those of you who do not live in town with your extended family, any ideas on how to keep up the sense of connectedness with out of towners?


eric and emma September 21, 2007

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westminster family tailgate

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westminster family tailgate


the weekend September 18, 2007

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Finally temperatures have dropped! We have loved this past weekend.  We had a family tailgate at the Westminster football game this past Friday night.  Allen Zumbach and Eric grilled our food and everyone brought their own lawnchairs.  It was a great time to fellowship with families for longer than a few minutes at church.  The girls loved the game- well, rather, they loved running around with friends and watching the cheerleaders and getting muddy!  Overlooking the awful Auburn game, the weekend was a good one.  Thanks to the Eubanks for the pot roast recipe.  It worked great on Sunday for our fellowship lunch.   We are also “preparing” this week for a race that Livy will be in on Thursday.  Every day she asks,”How many days left until the race?”  She is doing a PreK-8th grade one mile fun run. Anyone who finishes gets a Tshirt! We hope she enjoys it and is able to finish.  (Actually Eric hopes he finishes too- he’s running beside her for moral support!) We’ll post pictures this week. 


And the winner is… September 14, 2007

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ok-I decided to make the pot roast for the fellowship dinner on Sunday- I’ll let you know how it goes.  Thanks for all the ideas. I’m happy to have more if you have some!  Freezer cooking is returning to my life in the next month.  Three other friends at church are going to attempt this with me.  At seminary, it was such a blessing financially and organizationally to have meals ready in the freezer.  It always feels difficult when you start the process and I often wonder,”Is it worth it?” But each time, after I have showered off all the chicken, onions, spices, etc from a long day of cooking and I see my freezer full of good meals, I know it will be so helpful.  Thanks to Elissa F for getting us all started on it so long ago!