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What a weekend September 4, 2007

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There will have to be several posts about this weekend- We stayed in Mentone, AL at a friend’s cabin for the weekend and spent Saturday in Chattanooga, Sunday in Mentone, and Monday in Ft Payne.  Each daytrip was so fun.  Chattanooga has so much to offer. We ended up buying a family membership to the aquarium online. A day for our family would have cost $70 and the family membership was $90.  We will definitely be returning, so I know that it will be worth it.  The girls were amazed by the sharks and the sting rays. Olivia kept calling out “sting ray!”  like it was the first one she had seen every time.  Besides the amazing fish exhibits, they have a penguin exhibit, a seahorse exhibit, a butterfly house, and a sting ray petting tank.  It was an incredible place to show them how creative God is and how vast is His creation. 

After the aquarium, the girls played in the water outside.  There are steps down to the river that are flowing with water.  What a great way to relax.  We drove over the bridge to get ice cream at Clumpie’s (well, everyone else got ice cream…I, however, am trying hard to get rid of baby weight…so celery and apples for me 🙂 ) Then we played in Coolidge Park.  It has a beautiful, handcrafted carousel that only costs 50 cents for the kids and a dollar for adults.  The park has fountains that spring up from the ground.  We stayed there for 2 hours.  A band was playing on a stage in the park.  What a great city!  I would love some suggestions of other places to go there. Any ideas?


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