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orbix hot glass September 5, 2007

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While in Mentone this past weekend, Eric and I ran into some friends from Auburn who also had attended the same church as we did in Birmingham- Cal and Christy Breed.  Cal opened a studio in Fort Payne where he makes glass bowls, pitchers, vases, ornaments, etc.  Think Sweet Home Alabama. To say the pieces are incredible is an understatemet! We went to their studio, which is also where their home is, on Monday.  Yes-even our children were there.  I was VERY anxious about their hands and arms.  Fortunately, Emma preferred to play on the front porch with the Breeds’ children!  We were able to watch Cal make two amber-colored pitchers from scratch.  With great patience, Cal and Christy answered all our questions and we learned so much.  Cal comes from an engineering and artist background.  He has degrees in glass work and has studied with some amazing artist.  He made it look so easy- even though he was working very hard and concentrating so much on how hot/cold the glass was and what shape it was making.  He has a wesite ( and has been featured in Oprah’s magazine on her O list.   I feel like we got to experience something so unique and so special.  Thank you Cal and Christy for a great day!


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