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youth ministry September 10, 2007

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Tonight the youth group and their families came over for a fellowship dinner after evening worship. I love when we schedule that at our house because I feel like I am getting to welcome them into our world and hope that it makes them want to come again. We played Taboo and ate hamburgers- The great thing about it is that my children get to be here too.  They looked forward all weekend to the “teenagers” coming.  The parents all come and eat too. Before long, Cord is being held by someone, the kitchen is being cleaned by a family (many thanks to the zumbachs) and teenagers are listening to our children.  It’s just a beautiful picture of community. And the youth always bring an awesome energy to our home- one that I miss when I’ve been away from it too long.  It’s nights like these that make you thankful to be a pastor’s wife. 


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