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the weekend September 18, 2007

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Finally temperatures have dropped! We have loved this past weekend.  We had a family tailgate at the Westminster football game this past Friday night.  Allen Zumbach and Eric grilled our food and everyone brought their own lawnchairs.  It was a great time to fellowship with families for longer than a few minutes at church.  The girls loved the game- well, rather, they loved running around with friends and watching the cheerleaders and getting muddy!  Overlooking the awful Auburn game, the weekend was a good one.  Thanks to the Eubanks for the pot roast recipe.  It worked great on Sunday for our fellowship lunch.   We are also “preparing” this week for a race that Livy will be in on Thursday.  Every day she asks,”How many days left until the race?”  She is doing a PreK-8th grade one mile fun run. Anyone who finishes gets a Tshirt! We hope she enjoys it and is able to finish.  (Actually Eric hopes he finishes too- he’s running beside her for moral support!) We’ll post pictures this week. 


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