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prayer requests October 30, 2007

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We had one of our youth families share with us a detailed prayer request for a trip that they were going on.  Their situation involved many logistical details, physical challenges, and spiritual requests.  I was truly encouraged by their list and their updates- This family had such a genuine desire to lift up their needs to our God and to include Him in all that they were preparing for.  The result is an email today that was filled with how God answered these requests. It is so encouraging to me personally to see a mom and dad thank God for all that He brought to them- all the experiences that they were able to have, all the conversations that it generated, all the relationships that they were able to make.  I count it a privilege to be included in people’s lives as they share with us what they are learning and how God is working.  It is a lesson for me!


best friends October 29, 2007

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My friend Betsy (on the right) shared this picture from Margie’s baby shower(in the middle).  Margie and I have been best friends since 2nd grade.  How long ago is that? Let’s just say a couple of decades have gone by- How incredible it is to get to see her pregnant and about to have a baby girl.  As she so fittingly talked about at her shower,  the variety of friends that we have in our life brings such diversity and beauty as each one shares who she is and what she thinks.  Thank you both for being those kind of people in my life.


Pumpkin carving October 26, 2007

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The 20’s/30’s came over and we did a pumpkin carving- Complete with competition.  We had some very serious carvers in our group.  Eric and I are complete novices- our children’s pumpkins prove it!  Charlie Wingard was our impartial judge because he showed up late- and he chose Heather’s pumpkin.  Good job Heather for taking the upset.  We will know what we are dealing with at next year’s party.  Here’s a picture of the group with our pumpkins.


Cord- 5 months October 22, 2007

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Such a sweet baby! We are so thankful for him.


rain, rain October 19, 2007

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It finally rained! Our girls ran outside and threw water on each other for over an hour- this is what they looked like at the end of the water party…


julie’s birthday

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Last night I got to eat out with some ladies to celebrate Julie’s birthday.  I love getting a chance to eat with friends- I looked forward to it all day! Whose birthday is next so we can do it again? 🙂


the fun one October 17, 2007

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Eric and I were just on the phone and I was reminded of a working theory that we heard about from a good friend in seminary.  He believes that in every couple there is a “fun one.”  There is, he believes, one that is the “fun one” who attracts the other one.  He could see it in couples and in friendships too.  He illustrated with his own marriage and ours (eric is the fun one!) Then he gave us some examples of others we both knew.  I was thinking about it today and wondering what you thought- is there a “fun one” in your relationship or do you see it differently? just wondering 🙂