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T. David Gordon October 1, 2007

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This weekend our church, Westminster Presbyterian, hosted our Reformation Conference and our speaker was T. David Gordon.  It was an encouraging weekend full of challenges to God’s people, encouragements from God’s word and thoughtful discussion.  I love having a weekend where you wish you had everything on tape!

Tonight’s lesson from 1 Corinthians 13:4 reminded us that Love is Patient.  He showed us how this chapter is a description of who God is- God is Love, and particularly he focused on Love is patient (slow to anger, forbearing).  After showing several places where God is patient/slow to anger with us, Dr Gordon explained that the trait of being slow to anger is essential to redemption.  If God had not been to slow to anger with his people, He might return immediately rather than put off his anger until all that He will redeem are included. 

He challenged us to imitate God in this forbearance with one another.  When we put off our anger with one another, we imitate God and we acknowledge the image of God that is in each of us.  He concluded with Peter asking Jesus how many times must he forgive- 7 times? Jesus’ answer of 70 times 7 is a reminder that we forgive others as long and as many times as God forgives.  What if God had stopped his forbearance with us before our hearts were softened to the gospel? Remembering that, we should never give up on those around us.  There is hope in this message that even our most hopeless situations or circumstances or relationships have the possibility of redemption until Christ returns.


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