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Time with Travis October 11, 2007

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Last night Travis Scott, a friend from seminary, stayed with us.  He is support raising in order to be in New Zealand as a missionary.  He is heading to Birmingham to pursue more contacts and build more relationships.  It was a great time of visiting.  My favorite part was when Travis and Eric started talking about their mutual love of Dog, the Bounty Hunter- a show on A and E.  They were trading stories about their favorite episodes- Travis had his computer out and was checking updates and facts about the show, Dog and his wife Beth. I finally had to pull out my camera and take a picture of the two of them on the floor in front of the computer watching vidoeclips from the show.  Travis, ever the one to see culture in light of God and His redemption, reminded me that Dog is actually treating these criminals with great respect and care.  Travis had seen a tribute to Dog where criminals that Dog had arrested were thanking him for the way he had saved them and cared for them- He treated them as valuable and worth saving- pretty amazing.  Thanks Travis for being a refreshing reminder of how to think about what I see and what I encounter in this world- those images of God that we see and appreciate and hope that we have in us as believers.


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