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the fun one October 17, 2007

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Eric and I were just on the phone and I was reminded of a working theory that we heard about from a good friend in seminary.  He believes that in every couple there is a “fun one.”  There is, he believes, one that is the “fun one” who attracts the other one.  He could see it in couples and in friendships too.  He illustrated with his own marriage and ours (eric is the fun one!) Then he gave us some examples of others we both knew.  I was thinking about it today and wondering what you thought- is there a “fun one” in your relationship or do you see it differently? just wondering 🙂 


7 Responses to “the fun one”

  1. Renae Says:

    Oh, and so, he and I are both getting a kick out of this facebook thing, because I signed on last week and sent out lotsa friend requests. So I have more “friends” than he does on facebook… so he got on and went to *my* friends list for the people he knew and sent friends requests to them. So, against the grain, I am initiating our facebook “friends.”

  2. Renae Says:

    Clay is the fun one. I’m the social curmudgeon. When we are friends with another couple, it is usually because Clay became friends with the guy first, then we all get to know one another. And he usually has closer friendships with his males friends than I do with my female friends. Therefore, he’s usually the one to initiate getting together with others… going to concerts, out to dinner, etc.

  3. We all know who the fun one is in our marriage…hee, hee…I love that God uses us to compliment each other. I wouldn’t laugh nearly as much if it weren’t for Pat. And he wouldn’t, well, rearrange the furniture and clean nearly as much if it weren’t for me. Wait, he still doesn’t clean…

  4. zellner Says:

    I love that you both have husbands that are the fun ones- although I personally think you both are fun! I wonder who are the couples that the wife is the fun one?

  5. I love Jeremy Kicklighter and laugh the whole time I’m with him, but wouldn’t they say that Becky is the fun one?? And what about Elisa vs. Tim. No offense Tim, but I’d choose Elisa. Ernie vs Bert…Ernie wins hands down because he sings in the bathtub…

  6. zellner Says:

    Tim is actually the creator of the theory- so he already knew elissa was the fun one 🙂 Becky is a good one too! It can get addicting. Ernie is totally the fun one! He plays hide n seek and always wants to talk at bedtime when Bert is trying to sleep. (bert should really loosen up!)

  7. Angie Says:

    Well, Wes is definitely the fun PARENT, but that’s not what we’re talkng about, huh?? I think we have different definitions of fun, but Wes is definitely more easy going if that constitutes fun. I guess I never really thought about it before. What do you think?

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