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fried turkey November 12, 2007

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Thanksgiving is on its way to our house! We are so excited about hosting our families for Thanksgiving.  I plan on making all my favorites: sweet potato casserole with brown sugar topping, pineapple delight, spicy pecans on salad, Sister Schubert rolls, pumpkin muffins 🙂 And my mom is bringing the dressing! yum… The last thing I would like to have is fried turkey.  Where do you buy a fried turkey? I tried to google our city and fried turkey and did not get any results.  Any ideas where to buy an already fried turkey?


One Response to “fried turkey”

  1. CH Entrekin Says:

    The only place I know of that sells Fried turkeys is Popeye’s chicken. You have to pre-order them and they are of course spicy. Otherwise you can fry your own. Just be sure that your turkey is completely thawed out. All of those videos you see of turkeys catching fire are from frozen turkeys that have ice still in them. Ice in hot frying oil causes the oil to bubble HARD and overflow and catch your house on fire, which you do not want!


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