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extra measure of grace November 14, 2007

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I am sitting here listening to Emma play upstairs with her doll house and she is full of ideas, sounds, and plans.  She now plays for so long by herself and with such creativity.  Olivia is at school and loves that she gets to go every day.  She always asks me when she gets in the car after school,”Why can’t I be a whole day-er instead of a half day-er?” I tell her she will have years of being a whole day-er! Cord is finally back asleep after his new normal wake up of 4:45.  He stays awake until 7 or so and starts his morning nap… argh! One thing I do see is God’s grace to us when I compare how life with just Olivia was and how we were so new to being parents- Everything was hard! Now the hard things seem more infused with grace and perspective.  I still really want Cord to sleep! But I feel like now that I am finally getting to see a couple of these kids grow out of some stages and into new ones, I can believe that this too will pass and one day he will be sleeping late and hurrying off to school too-


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