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garage sale November 16, 2007

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Saturday some friends and I are having a garage sale at my house.  I always love the results, but the next two days are the hard part.  A couple of weeks ago, I looked at all our things and thought we had a ton to sell and we would make lots 🙂 Today, I see the same piles and think, “Not a lot there.” I need to have a critical eye when I go through this house tomorrow and get rid of stuff that we do not use! Somehow, I end up looking and thinking, “What if I need that to decorate for a holiday? or use that to help the girls if they need something for dress up?” Many of you know my obsession with gift bags and cards 🙂 Today I opened a moving box full of tissue papers, gift bags, ribbons, and gift boxes! Please! It moved from St Louis to Huntsville.  I need the encouragement to simplify and get rid of it-  Space would feel better than the thought of being prepared…I think…


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