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funny week November 27, 2007

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This has been such a funny week- Everyone’s reaction has been so fun.  They are completely shocked (of course, so were we!)  I love that Pam Benton, my former biblestudy teacher and pastor’s wife, said “Oh My Stars!” That is classic Pam.  And my good friend Becky said,”Oh my word!” Again classic Becky. Brooke, who also has 4 children, shared her responses for when people ask me,”Don’t you know what causes that?” Which has happened too many times to count already.  Most of all there has been lots of encouragement and reminders that God has given a gift and that He gives us what we need to handle our situations and circumstances.  When I heard about this happening to people, I would say,”If that happened to me, I would die! I would be on my bed crying my eyes out!” God has surprised me again and given me great joy and peace and happiness about this new baby.  And more than that, energy and joy about the sweet ones that I already have.  May He continue to do so!  


3 Responses to “funny week”

  1. Renae Says:

    Sounds wonderful! … Dear LORD, keep that energy and joy coming… it’s limitless, you know!


  2. Claudia Says:


  3. Erika Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! How exciting for y’all. I check on you every once in a while…glad you are blogging. 😉

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