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surprise! it is decorating day. November 30, 2007

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We decorated for Christmas this week and it has been so fun.  When we were in seminary, we never put up a tree since we were heading out of town for the holidays.  This year, Eric took the girls on a bike ride on Saturday and I snuck into the attic and started pulling out decorations.  When he came home, he was quite surprised (especially since it was the day of the Auburn/Alabama game).  We put the tree up Saturday, but we decorated on Sunday after night church.  My husband never enjoys the decorating day, probably because it is a lot of work for him.  But this year, the girls were so fun.  They had never seen all of our ornaments.  We put on Christmas music and the girls help me lay out all the ornaments on the floor.  They kept picking new favorites and making up stories about this one and then that one.  Every once in a while, I caught Eric checking on line for some car part for his very old Suburban that he is working on.  But for the most part, I think that Scrooge is reforming and catching the vision for the annual Christmas decorating day!


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