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Loose tooth December 1, 2007

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We have our first official loose tooth.  Yesterday, Olivia and I were reading a new library book.  The Berenstain Bears visit the Dentist. Sister bear has a loose tooth and makes a trip to the dentist’s office.   At the end of the story, Livy asked if she had any loose teeth.  I checked for her, fully expecting to say no and she had one! She was so excited- we are now wiggling it all the time and eating apples to try to make it come out.  I think we have a while, but I can’t believe that she has hit this new stage.  Eric laughed that there could be a couple of years where we have children constantly losing teeth.  We better tell the tooth fairy to start saving up!


3 Responses to “Loose tooth”

  1. Megan Says:

    Eric is right. Our first lost her first tooth about a year ago. Since then we’ve had her plus the next two lose a collective total of about 13 teeth.

    Welcome to your new stage.

  2. Doesn’t that make her seem so much older??? If you check our blog, you know we lost our first one a couple of weeks ago. So exciting. Have fun wiggling that tooth!

  3. susan Says:

    Stephanie- i saw yours that week and thought your words were exactly what I would feel. It made Hogan seem so big. I can’t figure out how to leave a comment on yours, but know that I am reading and wish that I could tell you things often!

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