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if 4 is anything like this weekend… December 3, 2007

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We are going to be in real trouble! Emma ended up with a wierd rash and fever.  She saw a doctor and then went to the ER on Saturday.  She threw up that day and then again in the middle of the night, and she didn’t even know it. Gross! Eric had just settled Cord down again about 2 am and checked on Emma.  He came down to tell me and didn’t get much help from me- The thought, much less the smell of vomit, at this point in the pregnancy was more than I could handle.  So I got the other room ready and eric stripped the bed and got emma cleaned up.  He helped her get back to bed and then, in what seemed like just a few minutes, Cord was up for his morning bottle at 5 am.  Eric has done so much to handle the night time wakeups and I appreciate him more than I could ever tell him.  My prayer now is that I will be proactive and able to do what I can.  I constantly waiver between making sure I can handle the day well (which means having enough sleep so I don’t blame my kids for my own tiredness!) and pitching in at all those night time disturbances (knowing that Eric is paying for every decision I make- and not complaining one bit I might add).  So many of you have the same set of circumstances that I do, give me some advice 🙂  Where is Pam Benton when I need her? 🙂


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