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14 weeks and 2 days December 13, 2007

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I went to the doctor today and all was well with new baby.  I have another appointment in 4 weeks and thought that they would let me find out then, but I am going back 2 weeks after that to find out with the whole family- week 20 argh! that is so long away.  I can tell I am on baby #4 because I am starting to ignore my doctor’s orders.  I was supposed to get bloodwork done before I got there today.  If you know me, you know I HATE needles and still faint when I get shots and blood drawn. So I just didn’t do it this time.  She mentioned the lab work and told her nurse to get me more paperwork and I could go immediately up there today and get it done.  I still have the orders for the last one in the car, so I had every intention of going right out and getting the paperwork and then going right back in to the hospital for the bloodwork.  Instead, I got to my car and then started it and continued on my day.  I really do need to get that done.  Someone keep asking me and keep me accountable! 


One Response to “14 weeks and 2 days”

  1. Sarah B. Says:

    Hey Susan!!

    It’s me, Sarah…Mommy to Calvin, wife of Dave…remember me?? ha! Anyway, I heard from Becky K. that you had a blog so I had to check it out and see how you guys are doing. SO crazy and exciting that you’re expecting #4. Congrats!

    If you link to my blog, you can get my e-mail address. I’m life is literally insane for you right now, and so no pressure from me at all. If you ever have a free moment, let me know how you are. I miss you guys!

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