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movie and a meal December 20, 2007

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As I mentioned, we went to see a movie and eat lunch together for our anniversary.  It has been 2 years since the last movie and that one wasn’t that great.  The last movie night we had was in Birmingham over Christmas break while we were in seminary.  Broke and busy, we never were able to go- At last we had a chance and my choice was to see Spanglish.  Eric thought Fat Albert would be better (thinking of the good ole days growing up with the show).  Needless to say, it wasn’t.  We laughed that we spent our money and only movie date night on that one.  Perhaps we have been to scared to risk doing that again.  So today I chose the movie and we saw Enchanted.  I thought it was a great date movie and much better than our Fat Albert choice 2 years ago!  Anyway, two years from now when we go again maybe we will choose one that is Oscar worthy, but today a little mindless fun was nice. 


One Response to “movie and a meal”

  1. CH Entrekin Says:

    Hey-ba Man-ba,
    Fat-ba Albert-ba was-ba great-ba. It-ba should-ba have won-ba the Oscar-ba.
    Don’t-ba bash-ba Albert-ba

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