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that kind of store January 5, 2008

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Today we went looking for a small desk or writing table to put in our room for the laptop and printer to go on.  We drove down 72 to Athens where there are several furniture outlets and warehouses.  We made it through the first store pretty well- we did forget the stroller so carrying “little man”,who is not that little, was a big chore.  By the second stop, we made it to a 32,000 square feet store.  It had lots of options, but it has one of those staffs where the people constantly talk to you about things that are not related to furniture buying at all.  I can hardly think or make it through the building because we are being trailed by a lady who is commenting on each of the children.  She thought Livy’s red hair was beautiful, Emma was so tall, Cord was such a big baby (is that a girl or a boy?).  She asked what Santa brought each of the children, etc.  All of that was pretty sweet and motherly, but then a younger woman came out from behind the counter.  I hate asking any question at a place like this because the whole staff ends up standing around and showing you things not even remotely close to what you are looking for.

The younger woman was the real kicker of the day.  Eric had Emma (who was soooo tired of walking 🙂 ) on his shoulders and her crocs needed help staying on- he patted one on and then she said she needed the other one patted too- this woman pipes up that she is the same way.  She shares that when her husband pats her on one side of her bottom, she makes him pat the other side too- “Oh” Eric says- and she asks if that is too much information? Later the two women discover that we are pregnant with baby #4.  No lie, the younger woman’s first comment is,”Yall have been busy” then she says”No, maybe you’ve had a lot of free time.” I have no idea how to respond, but as I am thinking, she asks,”Are you Mormon?” I laugh and Eric gets out “no we aren’t.” She says,” Oh are you Catholic?”  Both of us by this time are laughing, but she is not.  She is serious.  So Eric somehow gets out that we are thankful to have a 4th coming and know that it will be a blessing.  We pack up all those kids- and we head to the car.  There really is a desk in there that I like the best- but I think I will have Eric go by himself.  Honestly-Mormons! 


3 Responses to “that kind of store”

  1. I just laughed out loud. Thanks.

  2. Becky Says:

    Can’t stop smiling!

  3. Sarah B. Says:

    Wow, Susan, this story totally cracked me up…I can just envision you and Eric at a loss for words upon hearing the younger woman’s “bottom-spanking” story!

    And I think I caught you once sneaking a copy of the Book of Mormon into the Kirk one time… (ha!)

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