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jammin’ jeep January 17, 2008

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The girls got a barbie jammin’ jeep for Christmas from Grammy.  They love it.  Olivia immediately jumped in and started driving it.  Emma, however, is a little more cautious.  She wouldn’t even ride in it during the Christmas holidays.  It wouldn’t fit in our van for the ride home from the holidays, but Grammy delivered it this past Saturday and they have been riding ever since.  I love that the backyard is fenced in because they can ride while I look out the window at them.  We had our first “wreck” yesterday.  Olivia accidently ran into the down spout on the house and broke off the end.  We haven’t figured out how to put that back on, but at least no one was hurt 🙂 You know your children love a present when they wake up and it is the first thing that they ask if they can do- before breakfast, in their pajamas, in 30 degree weather. Thanks Grammy for hours of fun!


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