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Sweet surprises January 20, 2008

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I love getting mail- and the past few days have included a few surprises in the mailbox. One of my dear friends from seminary days, Becky, sent us a precious outfit for Cord that he can wear this summer.  She wanted to share the “southern outfit” with someone she knew would actually let her boy wear it- It is so cute and I am looking forward to seeing his chubby little legs coming out of it when the weather warms up.  The second surprise came today from dear friends that we knew in Birmingham and in seminary days, the Edemas.  She sent Cord a baby bib with his name on it and a book- not only did she celebrate Cord, she sent play dough, cookie cutters, and lollipops to the girls.  What a wonderful surprise. 

At church we just began a monthly bookstudy and we are considering Andi Ashworth’s book Real Love for Real Life.  It is an encouraging look at the art and work of caregiving. One of my favorite quotes from her work is that caring is “love in the midst of extraordinary dailiness.”  She also reminds us that “God is a caring God. We care because we are made in his image.” I am looking forward to next month already and now I have two more great examples of someone in our lives who has cared for us and ministered to us. thanks becky and abby!  


3 Responses to “Sweet surprises”

  1. Becky Says:

    I’m so glad you got it and like it.
    My pleasure,

  2. Susan, Hey! I found your blog finally on the Hickmans site. Blogging…It’s a great way to keep up with everyone. Just wanted to comment that I’ve read Andi’s book and talked with her about it and it is awesome. It would be a great small group study. And if she still traveling and speaking, she would add a lot of dynamic to the discussion at some point.
    AND, I love the southern outfits too! Davina

  3. zellner Says:

    so good to hear from you davina- thanks for your input about andi’s book. So far we’ve had one study. We plan on reading two chapters a month and end in May. I would love to be around her and soak in her worldview- she is an amazing lady. maybe I’ll see you now that jake and paige are around this town!

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