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such sadness January 23, 2008

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If you are from the South you might have heard of the radio personalities Rick and Bubba.  They are believers who bring great joy to listeners as they share about their family, their friendships, and their lives.  I have listened since they were out of Gadsden and you could barely get them in Birmingham.  Over the weekend, Rick lost his two year old son in an accidental death.  The tributes over the radio the past two days have consistently brought tears to my eyes as I think of this sweet family and what they have lost.  How is it that people you listen to become such a part of your everyday world that you grieve with them as if they were in your circle of friends?

Not only has it made me heavy hearted, this death has challenged me as a mom to love my own children with more patience and gratitude.  Today it entered my mind that I have them in my house making noise and interrupting everything I do- and it usually makes me so frustrated, but today as I thought about the Burgess family it made me really humbled and thankful that I get to see them.  It shouldn’t take an extreme to make my heart remember how valuable these gifts are and how fleeting our time together will be.


One Response to “such sadness”

  1. Becky Says:

    Mom called and told me this morning. It is amazing that we feel like we family hurting! Thanks for your words of reminder though – I am going to go give my Thomas a squeeze.

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