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Cord’s mess January 31, 2008

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Today we had our first experience in which Cord made a mess because he can move around now.  I had him sitting on the floor next to his toys and he was playing happily.  He was throwing things out of the toy basket and slowly moving himself to other toys.  He doesn’t really crawl; he just gets himself places by scooting or reaching and pulling.  Well, I had a stack of things that were gifts from Christmas that I was looking forward to using in our hall bathroom.  One was a lovely cross that a lady gave us for Christmas that I have been so excited about getting up on the wall. I had just resuced a small red marble from his hand and put it on the counter when the thought went through my head that he was really near my new breakable cross.  About that time I heard it fall to the ground on the tile and it broke into three big pieces.  Oh little man! At least no one was hurt and I am hoping that glue will repair it.  But it is giving me nightmares about what is heading my way!


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  1. Megan Says:

    You’ve just been cyber-tagged, my friend…

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