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tryin to make me go to rehab…and I said no no no February 11, 2008

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With a little nod to Amy Winehouse- my week has been filled with rehab- but it is because my mom had her knee replaced and is now in rehab services at a nursing home.  She is not excited about it- She is supposed to be there 20 days as she works with a PT and an OT.  Her therapy is going very well and she is doing better every day.  But emotionally it can be so hard to be alone.  We have been trying to help the time pass for her, but we live two hours from her so it involves a lot of travel.  I am taking the kids to see her Tuesday for an afternoon visit.  I know it will lift her spirits and every day that she stays improves her health.  I know she will get better and return to her home soon- but there are so many who have long term situations and will be in places like this for so long.  It has given me such admiration and respect for those that care for others in their lives- especially long term care.  And it has challenged me to remember those that are secluded and isolated from community. We were made to be in relationship with others and when we are not, we can suffer in so many ways.  So I pray that in my heart and in my children’s hearts that we will develop thoughtful ways to include them in relationship.


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