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Valentine’s Day February 13, 2008

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I think Valentine’s Day has turned into such a special holiday in our family.  Before our kids were old enough to understand, the focus of the holiday was all about eric and me.  It was a lot of planning and pressure (for Eric that is!)

Now that we have kids, it has really turned the focus to our family and having a time to express how valuable and special God has made each of them.  We started a tradition of having a Valentine’s lunch.  We have red foods (strawberries and yogurt), sandwiches cut in hearts, cupcakes with red sprinkles- the usual holiday ideas.  Then we take time to focus on each person and tell them what we love about them.  Eric and I help the kids write down what they love about mommy and daddy and their sibling.  Last year brought tears to my eyes.  It was wonderful to be able to shower a child with all that you love about them, humbling to be told why you are loved by such precious little ones and important for our children to hear their mommy and daddy thank and admire one another. For one focused time we are all aware that we are loved, supported, needed and valued for the unique things that we bring to the family. I hope this time grows to be something that they look forward to every year- I do!


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