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so, it didn’t go so well February 29, 2008

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I went for the blood test and it didn’t go so well.  On an empty stomach and with a bundle of nerves, I went to the madison lab near my home, only to find the power out and 15 people waiting in line.  I decided it was worth the drive downtown to the hospital.  The people were really nice and there was no wait.  However, no success. She tried the right arm and then thought if I drank water it might help.  She tried the left arm and thought if I drank more water it might help.  They tried my hand and got the right place, but it wouldn’t come out and ended up spilling on me.  yikes!  Then it hit me that I had had alot of water and I threw it all up.  After a phone call to my doctor, they decided to try again another day.

Another day- no way! So I went to my doctor’s office and told the nurse I knew conditions wouldn’t be better on a different day and asked if there was any other way to test than a full blood draw- what about a finger prick like other diabetics? Instead they are sending me to a week long class and there I will have a finger prick each day.  At the end, they will know if I have it or not.  I hope someone else is planning to prick my finger because I cannot inflict pain on my own self-not happening.  Secondly, I hope they don’t mind a trio of kids who will be with me.  I am hoping that the kids will be enough of a disturbance that they will decide maybe I don’t need the class after all 🙂 Keep praying.  I need the strength to go to the class!


2 Responses to “so, it didn’t go so well”

  1. Sarah B. Says:

    Ahh…reading this brings back such happy memories of my days as a phlebotomist. Susan, if I could have driven down to Huntsville to be your personal phlebotomist, you know I would have!! Sorry you had to endure so many sticks!

  2. zellner Says:

    sarah- I wish you had been here. You would have been a welcome friend that day! hope all is well and come down sometime anyway 🙂

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