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Book study March 29, 2008

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Last night was our ladies’ book study and we are still looking at the book Real Love for Real Life by Andi Ashworth.  We covered chapters 5 and 6.  I have been praying that the time that we spend together would grow the relationships that are present and would grow our understanding of caring for others in a fallen world.  Last night was an encouragement to me as we shared how and where we grew up and how that impacts our views and understanding of family.  We were able to consider different generations within our church and discuss the benefits of relationships among those generations.  We thought about how to cultivate those connections.  And my favorite part of the discussion was working through where we find our identity and value.  Often we find it in success (of whatever kind we can), possessions, behaviors of our children, our own gifts, etc. Rather than in the value that we have as being children of God.  We have been made sons and if sons, then heirs.  We were chosen and pursued by Him first.  And my favorite question was to imagine what might change in your life if you grew deeper and more secure in your understanding of God’s complete acceptance of you and your value and identity in Christ?

What would there be more of? What would there be less of?

I am so thankful for this book and again want to thank Andi Ashworth for her work and Hillary Coffee for creating a study guide that helps us consider all that Andi has written.


No more pull ups! March 28, 2008

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This week Emma wanted to try to not sleep in a pull up.  She had firmly in her mind that 4 year olds did not wear them and now that she is four, she should be done! Thankfully she stayed dry for three days in a row and was able to say goodbye to pull ups!  We have two good months where we are only buying diapers for one child.  YEA!


two worlds March 26, 2008

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Do you ever feel like you are living on two different planes or in two different worlds at the same time? There is the one plane or world that is daily and normal and filled with kids, meals to be made, grocery trips, walks with the family, TV watching, etc.  normal activities.  Small things on checklists that need to be done and do get done.

Then there is the other plane or world in which something real and important and difficult lives.  The other plane that carries big words like Cancer, Pain, Hurt, etc. The things in this plane don’t get solved in a day, don’t get dealt with and finished like a meal does, instead they ebb and flow into our consciousness and get worked on a little at a time each day. Sometimes the two worlds collide.  Today is one of those days and it has left me heavy hearted.  And remembering that our Lord is a good God and that He is a Sovereign God-in control of all things.  How thankful I am that He hears our prayers.


Easter March 24, 2008

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We had a great Easter weekend- We went to the Botanical Gardens for an Easter egg hunt, visited with Eric’s parents for dinner Saturday night, celebrated with our church family Sunday morning and attended an Easter dinner at our pastor’s house.  An interesting thing stuck out to me this weekend- sin.  We associate greed and parents pushing for the best toys for their kids at Christmas, so I was surprised to see it rear its ugly head at Easter. 

 We have been to the public egg hunt at the Gardens two years in a row and I am always amazed to watch parents volley and push to get their kids in the best place to get the most eggs.  The place is packed and people are literally running to get past others to enter the gardens and then scrambling to get to the front of the pack and pushing small children on their way.- what are we doing? It’s Easter for goodness sake- A time when we remember that our Lord and Savior GAVE his life.  We remember his sacrifice, his servant’s heart toward his people, his humility and we celebrate it by snatching eggs from one another and teaching our children to get the most.  The gardens are beautiful and the rest of our time there is always good, but I dread the egg hunt and having to see some children cry standing with empty baskets.  It challenges me to think of the way we celebrate our Lord and Savior.  Shouldn’t our celebrating remind us of Him? Shouldn’t we see Christ more in the way that we celebrate? 


5yr old wisdom March 21, 2008

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Lately Emma, our 4 year old, likes to tell long stories or change the facts of a story that Olivia just told and act like it is her story.  She will also make up lots of things that she says happened at school or with her friends.  During our car trip to Nashville, Emma made up a silly story again and this time our very literal child Olivia said,”Emma, That doesn’t make any sense.  I know senses and that doesn’t make any sense!”  Eric and I laughed and laughed because Olivia had just finished studying the five senses at school 🙂


Nashville March 18, 2008

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It is spring break in Alabama and we are going to take an overnight trip to Nashville.  We have plans to take a bigger trip in April to the beach before Lucy gets here, so we are thinking save, save, save for the Nashville outing.  We are staying at Eric’s parents’ house which is so nice and convenient.  Our plans are to take a free tour of the Purity Ice Cream factory (complete with free ice cream at the end of the tour), hike the Hawk Hiking Trail that afternoon and finish the day at Opry Mills at the Aquarium restaurant.  I googled AAA travel discounts and we actually get 10% off at the restaurant for being members of AAA.  If you know that area and have any ideas of what we should do, let me know! I love having children young enough to think all of this free stuff is fun!


dance pictures March 12, 2008

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Saturday morning, in the midst of the missions conference, my girls had dance pictures. We have never done dance before, so I am new to all that goes with it.   I had already spent a month trying to figure out how I was going to fit their costumes when I cannot sew and my awesome mom was having her knee surgery and in difficult rehab unable to help.  After solving that (thanks to a generous lady in our church-thanks elise), I had to figure out how to get two children ready in full costume and makeup and hair on the same morning as the missions brunch and the same day that we were hosting Covenant Seminary grads who were attending our conference for a lunch! How does everything end up on the same day- at almost the same hour?

Turns out that the weather was a little bad and one of the girls ended up having her pictures moved to another time of the day and I am so grateful.  I learned that I am not good at putting makeup on small children, I do not know how to curl hair so that it looks like Shirley Temple, and I really, really like to have people to our house.  At least I don’t have to do that all again until the recital!