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basketball while you are pregnant- not a good idea! March 3, 2008

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Today was such a beautiful day.  The girls have been outside all day.  We ate a picnic on our driveway for lunch and then went to the playground at their school.  The playground also has a couple of basketball goals and the girls love to practice.  I think I must have been inspired by the weather, but I joined them for some fun.  I ended up with a question that I need a referee for- Is it double dribbling if you use your hands and your belly? The ball popped up and hit my stomach and bounced again and I continued the play- I think that’s legal!


One Response to “basketball while you are pregnant- not a good idea!”

  1. Kirby Says:

    Hiya Friend! good to get a little caught up on YOU…on y’all! I’m so sorry about the blood test….ugh. when is this class? do they know what they are asking of you?! 😉 you are amazing, pregnant with #4 and hosting parties, picnics ;), basketball games, valentines lunches (speaking of – i have an addition you may like…shirley temples!…or not…if you factor in the sugar…but, oh my word, you’d think I was pouring my kids liquid gold…)! How ARE you?!….when are you due?? I don’t know that I put it in my calendar!…probly on a sticky not in this evergrowing pile that I really should probably go through someday! my intentions are good! :O) so remind me and i’ll get it in my momagenda! Know that you are still missed here and we are praying for you! let’s not lose touch!

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