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How is this for irony? March 5, 2008

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Eric and I were having trouble with our phone line- no dial tone. This has happened before and we called AT&T and when they checked the lines, it cleared it and all was well.  We thought since our internet was on we would go to AT&T’s website and try to get the number again.  After several attempts to get the number and not being able to find it, we tried to report it online.  I entered the repair in the text box and pressed continue.  The next screen said I needed to register on the site to report the repair.  I typed in our phone number and all the other requested verification.  The next screen cracked me up- It said they would call us with our online registration code within 10 minutes and then we could proceed with the repair request! Thankfully we finally located the customer service number and were able to use our cell phones.  What did people do before cell phones? 🙂


2 Responses to “How is this for irony?”

  1. Megan Says:

    AT&T has the worst system for this. I dread every time I have to contact them for whatever reason – if our internet is out I have to dig around for a number. When I call it they tell me to go online and contact them that way. If the phone is out, it is as you said, you go online and they say they want to call you.

    We don’t have a cell phone, so this makes this interaction oh, so much fun. I think I actually had to walk down to the library to get internet access one time just to make contact with AT&T.


  2. Angela Says:

    It’s amazing that they never noticed the irony in that!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and entering the beach towel giveaway – good luck!

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