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missions weekend March 12, 2008

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This weekend was the missions conference at our church.  Dr. McGowan spoke and gave three challenging and motivating sermons, reminding us that God uses what we have and He does the work of missions with it.  I have heard him speak at a missions conference before and both times I have been encouraged by his approach.  He reminds us what God has asked us to do, what we have and what we have been given and it is through that motivation that he reminds us of the work that there is to be done.

We had Travis and Brooke Scott stay with us and it was such a blessing.  They are both so much fun and our whole family enjoyed our time with them.  My children absolutely fell in love with them and are eager to pray for them as they prepare to go to New Zealand.  If you want to know more about Travis, I have his blog listed on my blogroll- 


2 Responses to “missions weekend”

  1. Sarah B. Says:

    I just talked to Brook this morning ad she told me about how funny and crazy Emma was while they were staying with you. Oh, how i miss that crazy Emma!! (And Calvin does, too.)

  2. zellner Says:

    emma was in love with the scotts! Emma told her Sunday School teacher that missionaries were staying with us and that they were so much fun. Brook sent me a message this morning on facebook and Emma is waiting on Travis to send her one!

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