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Easter March 24, 2008

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We had a great Easter weekend- We went to the Botanical Gardens for an Easter egg hunt, visited with Eric’s parents for dinner Saturday night, celebrated with our church family Sunday morning and attended an Easter dinner at our pastor’s house.  An interesting thing stuck out to me this weekend- sin.  We associate greed and parents pushing for the best toys for their kids at Christmas, so I was surprised to see it rear its ugly head at Easter. 

 We have been to the public egg hunt at the Gardens two years in a row and I am always amazed to watch parents volley and push to get their kids in the best place to get the most eggs.  The place is packed and people are literally running to get past others to enter the gardens and then scrambling to get to the front of the pack and pushing small children on their way.- what are we doing? It’s Easter for goodness sake- A time when we remember that our Lord and Savior GAVE his life.  We remember his sacrifice, his servant’s heart toward his people, his humility and we celebrate it by snatching eggs from one another and teaching our children to get the most.  The gardens are beautiful and the rest of our time there is always good, but I dread the egg hunt and having to see some children cry standing with empty baskets.  It challenges me to think of the way we celebrate our Lord and Savior.  Shouldn’t our celebrating remind us of Him? Shouldn’t we see Christ more in the way that we celebrate? 


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