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Cord’s first haircut April 27, 2008

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We took Cord to get his haircut on Thursday-eric’s off day! I knew I would need Cord’s favorite person to be with me if he was going to sit still.  The lady who cut his hair was so nice.  He sat by himself on booster seats at the beginning while the girls tried to entertain him, Eric tried to keep him from fallling out of his seat and I took lots of pictures!  He kept moving right as she would try to cut over his ears, so she figured out that he liked to have the water from the water bottle sprayed into his mouth.  He would wait patiently with his mouth wide open for me to squirt water in it.  She was able to cut over the ears and the back while he played that game.  He looks like such a little boy!  Maybe now he won’t be mistaken for a girl while we are out in public 🙂


Man products April 23, 2008

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I just have to laugh at my husband.  Yesterday, I was going to Walmart and asked Eric if he needed anything.  He sheepishly smiled and showed me a travel size Aveeno body wash that you can use to shave.  Since he tried it, his beard is not as thick and it doesn’t hurt as badly to shave daily.  That night when he came home, I told him I had his product for him- He was devastated.  He doesn’t want to think that he is the kind of guy that uses product.  The funniest part is that this morning when he was trying to build his case that he is not the kind of guy who uses products, he was standing in front of his sink in our bathroom and in the corner were three other products that he uses all the time- sunscreens, lotions,etc .  When he noticed, he had no argument left and just got in the shower.  I have always said he takes longer than I do to get ready-now he even uses more product than I do 🙂


busy week April 18, 2008

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This past week we have been fighting the stomach bug in our house and it has not been pleasant.  Last Wednesday Emma, Olivia, Cord and I all got sick.  I am so grateful that Eric didn’t get it!  It lasted on and off all weekend.  In the midst of that, Eric made a visit to his father in Nashville who has been sick, preached in Cullman Sunday morning, and preached in Huntsville Sunday night- all the while he was taking care of all of us when he could.  Saturday we saw some progress on house projects.  We put up Lucy’s bed in the guest room, cut the grass for the first time this season, and got the baby gate for the stairs.  I finally matted Cord’s 6month pictures and we cleaned a little.  It felt so good to FINALLY mark something off our lists. 

Having to be at home for 5 days straight with all the kids in the house really challenged my patience and my attitude.  My biblestudy this week has been looking at Ephesians and the verses that remind us that children are to obey their parents and honor them AND that fathers (and mothers!) should not provoke their children.  Nancy, my biblestudy teacher, reminded us what discipline was NOT.  She reminded us to take into account our children’s abilities, understanding, tiredness, SICKNESS, physical limitations, etc as we discipline.  Complementing that was the sermon that Eric taught from Hebrews that reminded us that God disciplines us too, but that He does so while still maintaining perfect love and holiness- he doesn’t discipline in anger, fatigue, frustration… And his produces a peace. Those things made me need to repent of my attitude and pray that I would follow his example to love my children well and bring about peace in their hearts.  Having children can be so refining.  Ouch!


life changed today! April 12, 2008

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Guess where I found Cord today? half way up our stairs! Until today, he would crawl around the house and I would not worry as long as all the doors in the house were closed- you know, the bathroom, the laundry room, the pantry, etc.  But now it has all changed!  This week he has learned to open all the cabinets in our kitchen and to climb our stairs.  Our new weekend plan is to Cord-proof the house.  That should take all weekend!


Easter ’08 April 11, 2008

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Here are a couple of pictures from Easter.  Turns out Sunday mornings are really busy in a pastor’s house- especially Easter morning.  So, we didn’t get to take these until after church- which was also after a fellowship where the kids played outside and where they ate strawberries and blueberries in their dresses!


Cord- 11months April 7, 2008

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Cord turned 11 months while we were at the beach.  I can’t believe that he is going to be one so soon! He really looks and acts like a little boy now instead of a baby.  This month he has learned to stand on his own without holding on to something, eat big people food, play pat-a-cake, and sniff when he is frustrated.  He scrunches up his nose and sniffs over and over.  Anger at this age is much cuter than at three or four!


What a week! April 6, 2008

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We got back late Friday night from a week at the beach and side trip to the ADay game in Auburn.  Our first stop was Auburn and we were really excited to have the girls and Cord be able to play on a beautiful day on campus.  We ate lunch outside and bought Olivia a new cheerleading uniform and passed hers down to Emma.  While we were in the store, Cord threw up on Eric- everywhere! It was so disgusting.  Thankfully, we were packed for a week-long trip (and probably had enough clothes to stay a month!) So they both changed and cleaned up and we tried to make our way to the game.  Cord threw up again in the car and then fell asleep.  So Eric took the girls to the game and Cord and I drove around Auburn for an hour.  It wasn’t really that terrible.  Cord didn’t get sick again and I liked seeing all that has changed in that small town. The main road has a GAP now-A little bit of the small town feel is gone and there is lots of progress, including new large buildings for more classes and areas being cleared for more housing.  I have been away too long.  It doesn’t feel as familiar as it used to.  Thankfully we ran into two families that we love and who love Auburn as much as we do- the Korotkys and the Trammells.  We took a picture of our girls all dressed up in uniforms and it was so fun to see our kids playing and enjoying each other too.