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What a week! April 6, 2008

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We got back late Friday night from a week at the beach and side trip to the ADay game in Auburn.  Our first stop was Auburn and we were really excited to have the girls and Cord be able to play on a beautiful day on campus.  We ate lunch outside and bought Olivia a new cheerleading uniform and passed hers down to Emma.  While we were in the store, Cord threw up on Eric- everywhere! It was so disgusting.  Thankfully, we were packed for a week-long trip (and probably had enough clothes to stay a month!) So they both changed and cleaned up and we tried to make our way to the game.  Cord threw up again in the car and then fell asleep.  So Eric took the girls to the game and Cord and I drove around Auburn for an hour.  It wasn’t really that terrible.  Cord didn’t get sick again and I liked seeing all that has changed in that small town. The main road has a GAP now-A little bit of the small town feel is gone and there is lots of progress, including new large buildings for more classes and areas being cleared for more housing.  I have been away too long.  It doesn’t feel as familiar as it used to.  Thankfully we ran into two families that we love and who love Auburn as much as we do- the Korotkys and the Trammells.  We took a picture of our girls all dressed up in uniforms and it was so fun to see our kids playing and enjoying each other too. 


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