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busy week April 18, 2008

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This past week we have been fighting the stomach bug in our house and it has not been pleasant.  Last Wednesday Emma, Olivia, Cord and I all got sick.  I am so grateful that Eric didn’t get it!  It lasted on and off all weekend.  In the midst of that, Eric made a visit to his father in Nashville who has been sick, preached in Cullman Sunday morning, and preached in Huntsville Sunday night- all the while he was taking care of all of us when he could.  Saturday we saw some progress on house projects.  We put up Lucy’s bed in the guest room, cut the grass for the first time this season, and got the baby gate for the stairs.  I finally matted Cord’s 6month pictures and we cleaned a little.  It felt so good to FINALLY mark something off our lists. 

Having to be at home for 5 days straight with all the kids in the house really challenged my patience and my attitude.  My biblestudy this week has been looking at Ephesians and the verses that remind us that children are to obey their parents and honor them AND that fathers (and mothers!) should not provoke their children.  Nancy, my biblestudy teacher, reminded us what discipline was NOT.  She reminded us to take into account our children’s abilities, understanding, tiredness, SICKNESS, physical limitations, etc as we discipline.  Complementing that was the sermon that Eric taught from Hebrews that reminded us that God disciplines us too, but that He does so while still maintaining perfect love and holiness- he doesn’t discipline in anger, fatigue, frustration… And his produces a peace. Those things made me need to repent of my attitude and pray that I would follow his example to love my children well and bring about peace in their hearts.  Having children can be so refining.  Ouch!


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  1. Sarah B. Says:

    thanks for sharing about this…God’s been revealing these same things about loving discipline to my heart as well. Hope you’re all feeling better!

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