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crazy hormones and good friends! May 2, 2008

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Last night some girls went out to eat for our monthly birthday celebration.  This time it was for me and it was so fun!  Susan made some beautiful cards that I would market for her if she would let me.  Emily gave me a Gerber daisy and Virginia gave me a bag full of goodies including some fun pens and paper!  Susan, Emily, Christa and Julie bought my dinner and dessert. Every time we meet, I leave refreshed and reminded that God is so good to me.  Although the gifts and food are wonderful, my favorite part is that as we talk, I see that so many of the things that we experience in child raising, marriage, family and church are common to us all.  It helps to have conversations where we are reminded that what you feel may be what someone else feels.  And how wonderful to have a table full of moms who have had 4 children each! I am reminded that in our weakness, God is strong and that is the testimony of these women.  Thank you Virginia, Emily, Julie, Christa, Susan and Lauren for your time last night and for the encouragement that your lives are to me.  Maybe we just might make it through these crazy hormones yet!


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