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freezer cooking is done. May 12, 2008

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This past weekend I cooked with three other ladies and filled my freezer before the baby gets here.  This set of recipes was all new to our group and ended up costing us less than the other two times that we cooked.  Now we have linguine a la Anne, pulled turkey BBQ, chicken pot pies, Asian pork tenderloin, slopy joes, chicken marinade, chicken in lime and honey, and gryos.  I am looking forward to trying them all.  Cooking at 37 weeks pregnant was not so bad with all these marinades and such sweet friends!  And a big thanks to Grammy who took care of the kids while I cooked!


2 Responses to “freezer cooking is done.”

  1. Becky Says:

    I KNOW you are 37 weeks pregnant, but do you think Eric would photocopy the recipes and you could mail them to me before Lucy comes???

  2. zellner Says:

    they will be in the mail for you! hope you can use them 🙂

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