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Working on a decline… May 19, 2008

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A good friend from church, Ellise, who is a professor of nursing at UAH and a midwife has been working with me this weekend to help get this baby turned around.  She has been a wealth of information and a calming spirit.  Her suggestion was to lie with my feet above my head for 10 minutes three times a day.  She had to do this with one of her pregnancies and she used an ironing board to lie on! I could not see that happening.  Another family from our church heard our discussion and they brought over their workout bench that can be put in a decline position.  Very stable and very comfortable.  So far I can’t tell anything, but Ellise is coming over tonight and helping me see if any progress has been made.  Yea for having friends who are so helpful and knowledgeable.  And to all of those who have offered in so many ways to help us this week- from being a substitute dance recital mom to picking up our kids to being the 3 am phone call recipient if we need someone in the middle of the night.  Thank you!!- And keep praying that this works!


One Response to “Working on a decline…”

  1. Megan Says:

    Ha! I had a friend who was a natural childbirth gal who, upon hearing of our situation with Millie, suggested the ironing board thing to me too. I was like, “Are you smoking something?”


    Hope the workout bench works out. *groan*

    Looking forward to hearing the big news!

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