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Keep Praying May 21, 2008

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After speaking with my friend and trying to gather as much information as I could, I decided to postpone the version until next Tuesday.  I was concerned about the baby coming this week and only being 37 weeks.  Even though there is more room to flip her right now, I am praying that an extra week will help her develop and be strong so that if she does have to come next Tuesday, she will be fully developed.  It gives me 7 more days to stand on my head three times a day, so maybe she will flip on her own.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all the thoughts, calls, prayers, etc that we have received during this time.  It is so encouraging to me to know that this decision is covered in prayer and that I have a Sovereign God who is in control of all things- even decisions that I make.  so Keep Praying 🙂


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