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All in a day… May 22, 2008

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When there are small ones around, there are so many things that happen all day long.  I am reminded that they are in my home most of the day, and there will be a time in the future when they will spend so much of their time somewhere else and I will miss all these little things.  Cord is taking all kinds of steps now.  I hesitate to say he is walking because he still resorts to crawling most of the time, but he has walked down the hall and from our couch to the kitchen.  Such a big boy.  Olivia pulled her third tooth tonight.  She feels better being the one to pull it out herself.  She still has another loose top tooth, and if it comes out the entire front of her mouth will be empty!  I worked on Lucy’s room today and all she needs now is a chest of drawers to put her clothes in and some diapers- I realized there are no newborn diapers in our house! Time to get that fixed.  Tomorrow is full of fun things too- kindergarten graduation, Jumpzone (inflatables) end of the year party, and grandparents visiting.  So glad that I get to see it all 🙂


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