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the weekend May 27, 2008

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I have been trying to post about kindergarten graduation and the dance recital- I have written whole posts and then they won’t upload! argh-So here I go again.  Here is a picture of Olivia at her graduation- I was so thankful to hear all that she has learned and all the scripture that she has hidden in her heart.  I can’t believe tha she will be going all day in a couple of months. 

This is a picture from the recital.  Olivia danced to “The Good Ship Lollipop”.  Emma danced to a Don Ho song.  My own computer is not working, so I don’t have a picture of Emma in her hula costume- I wish I did.  She was too cute!  The dance recital ended with a finale to the song “Shout to the Lord”.  All the dancers were in white- it was really beautiful.  My girls have been imitating it today.  How thankful I am that they enjoyed their year of dance and had such a good time at their recital too- No tears, no whining, just excitement and happy faces! My aunt and two cousins came all the way from Birmingham to see the show.  I was so grateful for them being there and the girls were so happy to have an audience.  Thanks for coming Mary, Meredith and Heather!


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