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doctor visit May 30, 2008

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Today was my last doctor’s visit until we go to Labor and Delivery at 5 am on Monday morning.  Things looked good- still head down and 4 cm.  YEA! We went out to eat last night thanks to Matt and Rebecca Harness who stayed with the kids.  Hilariously, I put on my facebook status that we were able to go out to eat- thanks to the “harnesses”.  One of my best friends emailed me and asked if we had the kids tied up or if harness was someone’s last name.  so funny.  I know it was a late night for them and they had to go to work today.  Many thanks to them for their time.  We ate at Surin and it was delicious.  That is one place I don’t see us going to again anytime soon- it was awfully quiet in there!


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