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day 2 June 7, 2008

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Today I got a phone call from the nurse at our pediatrician’s office.  She asked about Lucy and wondered if we would come back in for another weight check.  So we went this morning and Lucy had lost another 2 oz. She was also a lot more red than she was yesterday.  The nurse told me that she had thought about Lucy all night and wanted to have her checked again this morning.  I am so grateful for her heart and her follow-through so that we didn’t go the whole weekend without a doctor’s visit.  They sent us up to the lab for blood work and discovered that Lucy is more jaundice today.  A home healthcare nurse came over and put her on the blue light and will visit again tomorrow to check how she is doing. 

My mom decided to stay this weekend- Her help has been invaluable and today was more peaceful than yesterday.  We are taking it one day at a time (really one hour at a time) and praying that our sleep is multiplied in the hours that we get.  As soon as I get pictures on CD, I will post some of the past week. 


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