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Everything relates to Seinfeld… June 7, 2008

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I have had two major Seinfeld moments lately.  One has been related to my OBGYN.  After a pregnancy filled with some frustrations and lots of conversations with my OBGYN and her staff, I started to think that my chart at her office probably had some additional notes in it- there is a classic Seinfeld in which Elaine makes her doctor mad and he makes notes in her chart, but she isn’t allowed to see what it says.  Everyone who opens her chart looks at her differently after reading those notes.  She makes lots of attempts to try to read her own chart, but never gets to find out what they have written about her.  I have had that Elaine moment at my OBGYN office over the last couple of months.  What do they put in those charts?

The second Seinfeld moment was last night- Lucy is on the blue light all night for her elevated bilirubin numbers.  With all the lights off in our room, her blue bed was glowing and lit up the whole room.  It immediately made me think of the Kenny Rogers Roasters episode- The restaurant sets up across the street from Kramer’s apartment and the neon sign glows all night in his window. He shows up at Jerry’s the next day red and exhausted from no sleep.  This was the best picture I could find from the episode.

Imagine blue lights glowing from our room instead of red… Why does everything make me think of a Seinfeld episode?


2 Responses to “Everything relates to Seinfeld…”

  1. Ed Eubanks Says:

    Too funny. I think our generation connects so amazingly to that show.

  2. Sarah B. Says:

    I have had MANY Seinfeld moments in my life, too! And I know all too well the episodes which you referred to. In fact, the Kenny Rogers Roasters episode is Dave’s all-time favorite episode. “Kenny?? Kenny!!!”

    Poor Lucy…hope she’s improving! Ugh, hang in there, Susan. Love ya!

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