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One week old June 11, 2008

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We made it through the first week.  Lucy is doing great.  She is off the blue light and back up to 8lbs 5 oz.  She is a really sweet baby- but I still think that she is not fully awake from jaundice and from being born.  I am sure she will snap out of this sweetness soon 🙂

The day is filled with concentrating on each child- Since I have help right now, I have been able to focus on each one more than normal.  Lucy needs physical things like feeding and diaper changes.  Cord needs chasing and lots of food!  I went into the hospital with a toddler son and returned home to find Bam Bam from the Flintstones in his place.  Everything about him seems to have changed- He is huge! His feet are huge, his appetite is huge, he plays the drums on everything, he throws toys and food.  He has changed so much.  He needs to get used to another person in our arms.  Emma needs to be listened to and watched as she dances or tells a story.  Olivia needs lots of hugs and conversations about all that is changing.  I feel so thankful for the energy to spend time with them and the help to keep the house in some kind of control.  A big thanks to my mom and to the Kennedys who entertained the girls this afternoon and gave us all something to look forward to today. One week down- so many to go!


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