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funny moments today… June 12, 2008

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Emma was sharing a fear with me and I encouraged her that the answer to her fear was to come find mom and dad and tell us if she needs our help.  I reminded her that we all have fears, but that this one was easy to solve- if she needs our help, come find us.  She said,”Mom, you need to be on TV.  You have all the answers.”  I was a little confused.  Why does Emma think that people who have the answers are on TV?  Then she said,” You are like Wyatt on Super Readers.  He finds the answer to his problems!” This is from a PBS show in which the characters solve their problems and end up spelling out the right answer.  I feel like I am almost a superhero!

Olivia was singing after swim lessons a song about wearing a zucchini.  I asked her why she was wearing a vegetable.  She said she wasn’t, she was singing about wearing a swim suit.  I asked,”Do you mean bikini?” and we both started laughing.

Cord and Lucy were hungry at the same time and I found myself feeding Lucy while I held Cord’s bottle with my elbow.  I am wondering if I can grow 2 more arms this weekend? We are off to my cousin’s wedding and we are so excited for her and honored to be part of the event.  Olivia is turning 6 on Saturday and has been counting down all week.  What a blessing that we will be with Eric’s family for that and with my family that night for the wedding- Pray that we cover all the details that we need to and that the babies make it through all the events 🙂




One Response to “funny moments today…”

  1. suzanne Says:

    OK, the song mix-up made me laugh so hard. I told my mom and Cj about it to which Cj responded “that reminds me of something you would do”. HAHA, and I am 31! Love the blog.

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